Wholesale Analytics Software

Invest in Data-Driven Distribution Growth

Emetry's analytics provides a crystal ball into what your network of on/off, chain/independent accounts will be buying in the next 3 months, allowing for bespoke interventions to grow and retain sales.

Designed specifically for
brand and sales teams

3T Map

Interactive territory performance and targeting

Filter by date, segment, outlet density, or revenue density and drill down from state to county to zip code.

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3T Segments

Focus Resources and Drive Growth

Identify and cultivate accounts with the most potential, spot declining accounts, and know where to grow.

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3T Segments

Empower your
sales team

Weekly emails highlight rising and declining accounts within a sales territory and enable reps to prioritize accounts for maximum impact.

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All 3T Features

Powerful Exports

Every export contains actionable account level stats, in addition to basic account information, so you can quickly act on opportunities.

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