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Mining data for answers is time-consuming and challenging. Emetry's always-on analytics software gives teams the confidence and bandwidth to build strategies and act on their data.

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Wine Club

Tasting Room


DTC Segments

Delight your customers with personalized experiences

Dynamic segments are always current and ready at the click of a button so you can focus on strategy and execution not sorting spreadsheets.

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DTC Segments

Increase Customer Retention

Develop customer relationships and catalyze future sales. The Dodsing Point is the influential point withing a segment where 50% of the customers stop purchasing. Extend the journey of customers at the Dosing point by just one order for a 10% lift in revenue.

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Visualize market coverage and identify customer clusters

Leverage location data for market planning and geo-targeted campaigns. Filter what customers you want to view, select your target markets, and act.

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DTC Segments

Predict Wine Club Cancelations

The Predictive Attrition tool foretells future wine club cancelations so you can act to nurture the relationship.

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