Hosting the First Wine Industry Data Summit

A little over a year ago, after three months in stealth mode, we launched Emetry with an invitation-only event. Our goal was to share the benefits of “big data” and to show that we were the new stewards of insights for the wine industry. But data and insights are about showing the opportunities, the weaknesses, the context, and the white space. At their heart, data and insights are really about showing the possible. Unnamed and enigmatic, that’s what the first Emetry event was. Its purpose was to inspire new thinking and catalyze change across the entire industry. We intentionally invited a majority of speakers from outside the wine industry and they had to live by two rules: enlighten or inspire and no infomercials. 

2018 Speaker Line-up & Topics

Lauren Hougas

Director of Marketing Analytics at Land O’ Lakes
 Marketing Analytics Journey

Daniel Schiffman

Formerly Omnivore, now Amazon
Challenges and Importance of Standardizing Merchant Level Sales Data 

Felix Puetsch

Sr. Director of Analytics and Data
Winery Visitation Trends in Napa/Sonoma 

Barry Enderwick

Former Director of Global Marketing NetFlix
Scaling Netflix with Data 

Antonio Galloni

Founder and Owner of Vinous
Delectable: Demographics to Psychographics

Andrew Kamphuis

Founder and CEO of Commerce7
Wine, DTC, E-commerce and Data

Ken Burbary

Our own Chief Strategy Officer
Analytics of the World

Nolan Gasser

Founder of Emetry, Architect of the Music Genome Project
Data Genomics, How Data Created Pandora and How it Will Help Consumers Understand Wine

You can find all of  the 2018 presentations here.  They were terrific and left every attendee enlightened and inspired.

A year later, Emetry is a beacon on the hill for insights. We’ve spent the year building an all-star team, analyzing a myriad of data sources, launched two versions of software, recruited some of the biggest brands on the planet, finding new ways to look at the wine market, and pushing the envelope on answering questions that have perplexed the wine industry for decades. It’s our one-year anniversary and the sequel to our event, now called Transforming Wine, is this week. Like last year, we’ve compiled an all-star group of speakers to enlighten and inspire winery leaders and operators. It’s my honor to announce this year’s all-star line-up (

2019 Transforming Wine Speakers

Kara Goldin

Founder and CEO
at Hint Inc.

Jeff Seibert

Speaker, Entrepreneur,
and Founder at OneHope

Michael Rodenburgh

Executive VP, Canada

Zach Kamphuis

General Manager
at Commerce7

Christine Lehtonen

VP, Business Development at Siegel+Gale

Nabeel Alamgir

Chief Marketing Officer 
at BareBurger

Jennifer Jo Wiseman

V.P Central Innovation
at E. & J. Gallo Winery

I look forward to another year of inspiration. Here’s to #TransformingWine.