Emetry is Here for You

We are all feeling a little rocked by COVID-19.  There is a lot of uncertainty about what’s ahead. Emetry is here to do whatever we can to help our industry navigate through these challenging times.

Lean on Us

Bespoke analytics and custom questions have always been part of our client services. Given the difficult times likely ahead we want to make sure you know we are here for you. Whether it’s analyzing campaign results, pulling custom product based lists or brainstorming your communication pivots for the month ahead. We’re here to support your business in any way we can. It doesn’t just have to be about data, if we can answer any questions we are here. #WineIndustryStrong

Suggestions for Navigating the Weeks Ahead

We have heard from quite a few wineries asking about ways to navigate the weeks ahead. Here are a few suggestions for connecting with customers outside the Tasting Room.

  1. Nurture the relationships of consistent buyers and top performers through exclusive virtual behind the scenes tours or tastings. This could be especially effective if targeted toward customers who recently placed an order for a specific product (If you’d like a product-based targeted list just let us know)
  2. Pick up the phone, and not just to make a sale. Segment your list, check-in and get feedback from members or consistent buyers.
  3. Social Media – people are out there looking for ways to support the businesses they love. Focus on data-driven lists to reach the most relevant customers and take them on a journey with you.
  4. Send locals that are Casual Buyers an offer to purchase 3 bottles (maybe with drive-by pickup) that includes a tasting for two when you reopen your Tasting Room.
  5. Focus on your Consistent Buyer tier because they represent your advocates. They have been on a journey with you and are most likely to help your brand through the other side if nurtured. Here’s a great read on understanding what customers value.

Coming Together – Remotely

Stay connected, talk WITH your customers. It’s a good time to use staff for personal messages via phone, email or social media or even data clean up projects.

Please contact us if there is anything we can do to support you or your business.

The Emetry Team