How to Experiment and Automate Success

We talk about all kinds of data principles to help you sell more wine. Experimental design, A/B testing, audience segmentation, multivariate testing, conversion rate optimization, and efficiency equation are all methodologies we share with our partner wineries who use data and analytics to improve their sales and marketing results. These all sound complicated, challenging, or at a minimum, just more work. But they are meant to be quite the opposite. 

Our industry is fortunate to have such high oenotourism. As a result, we have not leaned into digital tools to increase sales or retention. We’ve rarely used SMS tools, site pop-ups, data triggered events, programmatic segmentation, data-driven customer journeys, or automated omnichannel messaging. And when we have, they’ve often been campaign focused rather than a long term part of our marketing communications strategy. Our muscle memory for these tools is nascent and underdeveloped. 

So how do we improve our understanding and build up the skills?

Developing these skills comes through fail forward efforts of experimentation. It’s not a one time exercise. It’s a continual pillar of excellence and culture of trying new things and putting them through a rigorous testing cycle to understand what works and what doesn’t per brand and even per customer cohort within a brand. While it may feel like more work upfront, the exercise of “nail it and then scale it” is really an initiative to save time and scale forward. Because, when you find that messaging in combination with the delivery channel that performs best, you slot it into your customer journey and the data should combine with the marketing automation software so you can “set it and forget it.” This is where the magic happens. 

Three Experiments to Try 

Increase Consistent Buyer Average Order Value 

Goal: Leverage AOV to increase total revenue
Customer Segment: Consistent Buyers (your above-average customers)
Action: Send an email offer with shipping included on orders of $350+ (assuming the calculated AOV is $295)
Platform: Email Service Provider 

Engage Never Members

Goal: Build relationships with your most valuable customers who are not wine club members.
Customer Segment: Top Performer, Never Members (your top 2% of customers and who have never been wine club members)
Action: Reach out based on the customer’s last order channel.

POS: Craft a limited time (and exclusive) tasting experience
Web: Send them an email for a curated bundle of library wines or wines that are not normally available
Inbound/Admin/PhoneCall: Identify the sales associate who helped them last, and have that person do a follow-up call

Re-Engage Declining Customers

Goal: Re-engage declining customers
Customer Segment: Declining Consistent Buyers (your above-average customers who are showing signs of decline)
Action: Send a handwritten thank you.
Platform: Handwrytten (handwritten notes at scale) 

Once you’ve Found Success, Automate It 

Once you have found a successful recipe, automate it. Zapier connects thousands of apps so you can automate workflows so they work for you behind the scenes. What did you try? What was successful? What wasn’t?

Let us know what message, audience, and test resulted in success for you!