Emetry Has Developed a Model to Predict Wine Club Cancellations

By July 21, 2020February 3rd, 2021Pix Analytics Press Release

NAPA, CALIFORNIA, JULY 2020: Emetry, an analytics software platform for the wine industry, just announced the launch of its predictive wine club attrition model. This is the latest addition to their growing feature set for DTC and wholesale business insights.  

Taking a Proactive Approach to Attrition

The club attrition model is one of the first predictive algorithms to proactively calculate a club member’s inclination to cancel their wine club. Armed with this insight, wineries can actively intercede, strengthen relationships, and increase member tenure.  

How it Works

Building an algorithm that analyzes enough factors to predict wine club member behavior is no easy feat. A lot of variables play a role in indicating if/when a member will cancel. Emetry combined several predictive models to build the algorithm capable of responding accurately to each factor. 

Tailored to Individual Wineries

Rather than developing a model based on a general population of wineries, Emetry’s algorithm adapts to each individual winery. The results are based on the individual winery’s data and return predictions custom to their brand. The complex model calculates a rich profile capable of predicting cancellations and measuring the attrition probability for every wine club member. The model was put through months of iterative testing to tweak the formula. Today, it can predict wine club cancellations with 90% accuracy. 

“Discovering the patterns to predict wine club churn was one of our team’s most challenging exercises. But the value of retention is greater than ever, and our new wine club attrition model is a best-in-class solution for the wine industry. Our tool is not just meant to be informative, but devised to power marketing automation tools (SMS, email, print) and help wineries of all sizes scale their retention efforts,” says Emetry CEO, Paul Mabray.  

Wine club attrition has either been a reactive exercise or a shot in the dark based loosely on average wine club tenure. With the new wine club attrition feature, wineries can take a targeted, proactive approach to retain members for the first time. 

Scaled Member Endangerment

In addition to predicting members most likely to cancel, the model also measures member endangerment on a sliding scale. Being able to see the members drifting into the danger zone opens up a whole new range of interaction opportunities for wine brands using Emetry’s software. 

Guiding Wine Club Member Journey

With a whole new set of predictive member insights at their fingertips, forward-thinking wine brands are using the data to build comprehensive member retention strategies. They are strengthening member bonds and enacting incredible experiences before members reach a critical stage. 



To learn more about our new wine club attrition model or the analytics software offered by Emetry, please visit emetry.io or email jay@emetry.io.

About Emetry

Emetry is a consumer data and analytics software platform for wine brands. They aggregate data from a range of digital sources to construct meaningful understanding to uncover answers and build consumer relationships, drive direct-to-consumer sales, and advance distribution growth. 

Contact: Erica Gomez, erica@emetry.io