Changes are afoot. After eight years with VinTank, including following the software through two acquisitions, it is time for me to take a new journey. I feel great about the software that James JoryBrandon Farley and I built and I feel even better to leave it in the very capable hands of Matt Franklin and team. As I mentioned a year ago with my infamous rick-roll, wine-tech will forever be part of who I am. I love this industry and look forward to helping us adopt and master innovative digital tools. Part of this journey involves helping other great ideas flourish in our challenging industry. This includes all kinds of digital startups. New wine apps, new websites to sell wine, social media, and big data. With that I recently joined as CEO.

So what is this mysterious new company? It is a company that collects digital data to help wine companies better succeed at data driven decisions. This includes consumer insights, brand health, competitive analysis, etc. I’ll hold off from telling all the magic. However I chose based on a combination of three key factors.

I’ve been an outspoken advocate of mobile platforms like Vivino and Delectable and digital platforms like Cellar Tracker & Wine Searcher to understand that the Crowd is the New Critic. I also see the quantitative amount of reviews and scans (especially with Vivino) has reached a representative data set to measure the market (<<<). My respect for Vivino’s CEO Heini Zachariassen has grown over the years and he has emerged one of the great wine-tech stalwarts along with Andrew KamphuisEric LeVine, and James Jory. I am excited to see what becomes of Vivino as it matures as a significant wine sales channel and as an insights opportunity.

Call me — Maybe?

So now that I’ve left VinTank in Avero’s capable hands I am exploring the next leg in my wine-tech journey. This time I am really taking my time to make a deliberate choice on how I can really contribute to our industry and continue my ikigai.

During this time of exploration I want to keep inspiring and giving back. I’m trying to write 30K words in 30 day and also starting Nov 15th and every weekday at 10 am I am going to host a FREE 30 minute strategy session with anyone who wants to chat. Maybe you are looking for some advice on how to do DTC better? Or maybe you have a new company you are launching in wine? Perhaps you having trouble choosing technologies to use for your winery? Then join me and we can talk about your company, technology, digital marketing, DTC, wine, the wine business, or just catch up. Did I mention it was FREE?

You can schedule me here

This is going to be fun and I look forward to catching up.

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