Do Wine Brands Speak the Same Language as Consumers for Sauvignon Blanc?

By May 6, 2019August 8th, 2019Analytics, Engagement, Wine Trends

With the weather warming up and wine varietal seasonalities kicking into play, we’re taking a look at how consumers talk about Sauvignon Blanc. Wine Enthusiast describes the popular white varietal as “…crisp and grassy or juicy and tropical, yet always expresses trademark acidity”. When we analyzed year-over-year consumer review language in Delectable, ‘crisp’, the long dominating descriptor has been on the steady decline, ‘grass or ‘grassy’ remained steady and hovered around 1% over the 6+ years we analyzed, and consumers were much more likely to use descriptors like citrus, fruity or grapefruit over juicy or tropical.

What does this say about how consumers perceive flavors, sweetness, and style? Do the common descriptors change by price point and market (we say yes)? We are still analyzing this area deeper because understanding how consumers talk about wine enables strategic planning that will resonate with their customers. If you’re like to add your questions to the mix, we’re happy to include them as we continue to explore better answers for wine brands.

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