Is Chardonnay Losing Favor Among Consumers?

By April 23, 2019August 8th, 2019Analytics, Engagement, Wine Trends

Measuring Consumer Engagement of Wine Varietals

In our work with wine brands, we study consumer engagement across the entire spectrum of wine varietals. Recently, our data science team at Emetry was looking at Delectable year-over-year engagement trends and found some very interesting surprises. First, we discovered an unexpected downtrend in consumer engagement with Chardonnay. We cross-referenced the details underneath by this trend with trends from consumer searches and sales data and found early indicators of similar signs of decline for the king of white wines. Is it possible to predict consumer sales behavior with user engagement on Delectable? It’s still too early to be certain, but our work in this area is showing very promising results.

Varietal Engagement Summary

Cabernet Sauvignon has historically had a solid hold on consistent consumer engagement but that is changing. Consumer engagement with Cabernet Sauvignon is showing signs of decline in wine under $20 but engagement is continuing to grow at wine priced above $20 in 2019.

Pinot Noir consumer engagement has been fairly steady for the past 5+ years but that may be changing. Pinot Noir declined YoY from 10% to its current 8% share of total varietal engagement.

Zinfandel engagement has been pretty steady over the years although the varietal engagement but shows a slight decline YoY from 2018 to 2019.

Red Blend engagement saw a big upswing in recent years but has leveled off and shows consistent engagement, although there is a slight dip heading into the 2019 so this is a growth varietal to watch and see if it shows signs of slowing.

Chardonnay is the king of white wine in terms of popularity, sales, and consumer engagement and has shown steady consumer engagement over the years but for the first time, we are seeing a steep decline in Chardonnay consumer engagement in the early 2019 data. Is Chardonnay losing favor among consumers? Is this the beginning of the Chardonnay era decline? The declining consumer engagement with this varietal seems to be an early indicator that Chardonnay may be losing mouth share to other varietals or other alcoholic beverages.