Blastoff! Emetry’s First Major Launch & What’s Ahead

By November 15, 2018August 8th, 2019Culture

Emetry launched its first major version of Consumer Insights Software powered by Delectable today!

This incredible journey is the culmination of data exploration and research centered around enabling the wine markets exact understanding of its consumers and audiences. Alpha Partners are geared up and excited to test the platform and provide feedback on the most impactful features for the Beta ahead. This is the first stage of a longer-term software evolution. We will use what we learn to focus insights on making a material impact to our clients’ businesses. The software is simple: Give wineries best-in-class insights on their products by market. To that end, for the next few months Alpha Partner brand owners can now adjust their view with two key dials: market and time. Today, that means lighting up markets that are over or underperforming.

Here’s another example:

Get What You Need

The Market and Time dials tune in to the exact insights our clients and future clients are eager for:

  • Brand competitor affinity ranked by consumer scans, ratings, and reviews
  • Product performance
  • Scans, ratings, reviews, quantitative and qualitative results
  • Share of voice
  • Share of market
  • Performance against market determined peer set (and soon market performance against aspirational set)
  • Brand reputation in near real-time, including trending and competitor comparisons

Using the Tool

The “time” dial enables a brand to adjust the window of time they want to view the brand’s performance and audience. The default will be the calendar year to date but will be adjustable for most time periods and will even be able to compare time periods.

Market is and will continue to be magical and will be launched in the first part of the year. Naturally, it will start with the largest market view after entering a product (the United States). We’re working with Delectable and other data partners to widen our market view but on launch, the US is a good start. From there you can adjust the dial to zoom into different markets, and with most market views, the overall measurements will change. The competitors and volumes for California will be different than those of Washington or Massachusetts. The ability to hone into a market will not be limited to a state view but will be able to narrow in to a city or even to the account level.

The Evolution of Best-in-Class Data Sources Continues

We are beyond excited to unveil the geo-understanding of wine brands, but this is just the beginning. As we flesh out all the anonymous data from Delectable to build these views, we are also layering in other best-in-class data sources, providing consumer personas by market, Direct-To-Consumer (DtC) analytics, and more.

In the near-term, consumer personas will be added via audience analysis of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. These will include media consumption, outside brand preferences, hobbies, entertainment choices, and more. Placing consumers at the center with data is the best way for wine brands to understand their opportunities.

For wine brands to understand their market opportunities, they must know ALL of their customers. To that end, we will launch Emetry DtC Insights on January 1, 2019. Following finalization of our recent DtC analytics company acquisition, analytics insights will mirror Emetry’s market insights for a fully comprehensive view.  Moreover, we are coming out of the gate with the deepest two-way(!) integration with Commerce7 in the industry.

We think coupling deep learning tools with industry expertise is the best way to power consumer understanding to ensure long-term retention and acquisition and ultimately marketing automation. Our goal is to bring both instructive and more importantly actionable insights coming out of the gate, helping lift a winery’s DtC sales 15% to 30% through our insights and more.

But, wait. There’s more.

Last, but certainly not least: While our engineering team has been hard at work on our broad market and DtC insight tools, key members of our BOA have been working on an upcoming technology project focused on illuminating consumer on-premise behaviors.

The wine industry has never seen into consumer restaurants behaviors like this before. We are over the moon with the early tests. Keep a close eye out The project goes live December 15 this year, with the first major results to be published Jan 31st.

As we are now live, filling our data lake and creating these amazing lenses into customer behavior, I want to personally welcome you to join us. Grab a small sample with just a quick email to We’d love to create a quick brand report as a sampling of the work we’re doing.

To infinity and beyond!