Magic is unleashed with the right combination of culture and people. Culture and people make companies great; not products, software, services or even just ideas. This magic is when great ideas, incredible collaboration, and extraordinary successes occur. It is my job to foster the culture that will help us achieve success as the new CEO of Emetry.

But the people aren’t just the team that drives the company forward; it is also our partners and customers. One of the parts of my career that I’ve always revered is the hospitality DNA that permeates the wine industry.

Many wineries practice this with customers but only a few still practice this with partners, vendors, and employees. Those who do, such as Rodney Strong, Wente Vineyards, Ramey, and Duckhorn, make a world of difference. In a world of infinite choices, service is the differentiator. Companies that embrace service and hospitality will win long term. One man who embodied this spirit of hospitality was Robert Mondavi.

Robert was a consummate host. He believed in bringing people to our little valley and sharing the wonders of food, art and life with everyone he met. The wine lifestyle was immortalized in Napa thanks to Mondavi and his desire to share this culture and knowledge with the world. It changed the wine industry forever. But the graciousness with the way he dealt with every person he touched always impressed me.

One memory stands out. Following a meeting, Robert wanted to send us all home with a bottle of wine. Most of us were in the wine industry and didn’t need another bottle of wine but he INSISTED. I asked him why and he said, “I am sharing with you so you can enjoy with your family, your friend and others. And in your enjoyment, you become part of our culture.” It was an amazing revelation. He was gracious AND simultaneously recruiting me into a member of his culture.

“And in your enjoyment, you become part of our culture.”

-Robert Mondavi

And, despite being an analytics-software company, the DNA of hospitality is already woven throughout Emetry’s culture. So this year when BottleRock returned to Napa, we chose to make this one of two key ways that we can celebrate each other and the people that power our business. This includes the people who inspire us and our thinking (including writers, artists, musicians, gamers, comedians, technologists, etc, etc).

This was our first year, but I personally think we pulled some of the most amazing people in the world together to share ideas, wine, music, and most importantly laughter. This cultural kick-off was the perfect way to share hospitality and incredible thinking. (To those who made it to the BottleRock Emetry Suite, thank you!)

Here is where we share our culture with you. This includes our philosophies, our work style, our tools to make a company work, and most importantly the manifestation of all of our hard work—our software.

Emetry’s alpha launches June 15. Get ready, consumer insights will never be the same.

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